Anatomy of an SOP

Let’s talk about the anatomy of an SOP.

SOPs – the foundation of a strong business. You know you need them. You totally understand their importance. You maybe even have a few started. Either way – you know it’s time to get serious about SOP creation in your business.

anatomy of an sop

So, let’s break down what it actually looks like to create an SOP. And – look out for some pro tips I’m sharing throughout this post to up your SOP game.

First things first – what does an SOP need to include?

anatomy of an sop

Anatomy of an SOP:

✔️ your logo

✔️ the procedure name

✔️ the purpose for the SOP and the policies it pertains to

✔️ any pre-work that needs to be done prior to completing the task

✔️ step by step process

✔️ footer notes

Pro Tip – create an SOP Template with your logo and footer set up. When it’s time to create a new SOP, just make a copy of the SOP template, rename it and then customize it for that process. This is a HUGE time saver and also keeps branding consistent across your SOPs.

> Naming

Be clear and exact in your procedure name. If I was writing an SOP for backing up my website, I would name it SOP FOR BACKING UP REBECCA-LUNA.COM WEBSITE. It’s best to be super specific – naming it SOP for website or SOP for back up procedures isn’t specific enough.

Pro Tip – the name of the procedure should also be the name of the document.

> Process

  • be detailed and specific
  • write it out as if the person you are giving that SOP to has never been inside your business or completed that task [aka-don’t assume they have any background knowledge or info]
  • don’t worry about it being too many steps or super long – more info is better than less
  • think about any commonly asked questions you get about this task – address those in the steps

Pro Tip – record a loom video of you completing this task [this is an awesome way to address commonly asked questions about a particular task in your business]

> Footer

Set up the footer in the template with the following sections:

  • SOP Created by: [team member name]
  • SOP Created on: [date created]
  • SOP Modified on: [last date SOP was modified]

For each new SOP, update the footer to include the name of the team member creating the SOP and the date created. Any time the SOP is updated or modified, make sure to change the Modified On Date in the footer.

Pro Tip – set up a reminder in your PM tool to have a team member review SOPs quarterly/yearly [whatever you feel is best for the stage of your business] and modify them as needed.

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I’d love to hear where you are at in your SOP creation process. Comment and let me know!

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