Top 7 Reasons You Need An OBM

Think you need an OBM but not sure? Or maybe you need a VA? Let’s dive into the difference and my top 7 reasons you need an OBM.

So- what’s the difference between an OBM and a VA?

That’s probably one of the top questions OBM’s get.

Let’s break it down before we dive into the reasons you need an OBM.

  • A VA is more of a do-er while an OBM is more of a manager.
  • An OBM will come up with strategy and delegate tasks to a team where a VA carries out those tasks (aka – the implementer)
  • VA’s work on a task by task basis where an OBM is responsible for daily operations of the business.
  • OBM’s lead the team while a VA is solely responsible for their assigned tasks
  • OBM’s are working side by side with the business owner and take part in discussions about strategy and priorities while the VA may not even know what those priorities are for the business.

VA’s are essential to the success of a business – they take on those repetitive and time consuming tasks that allow you to have space in your schedule to focus on bigger picture work.

Want to read more about the difference between an OBM and a VA? Check out this blog post I wrote.

But then you reach the point where your team is growing and your business is growing and you find yourself doing more managing and less CEO tasks.

Sound familiar?

If so – you are going to want to read on to find out all the magical ways an OBM can make your life better.

top 7 reasons you need an obm

Reason 1 – Operations Management

An Online Business Manager is your business bestie. Our main goal is to take over the daily operations of your online business to free up time for you (the badass business owner) so that you can focus on doing the things that actually will drive your business forward (being the amazing world-changer that you are).

Reason 2- Planning and Strategy

It can be lonely as the CEO and having an OBM to strategize and plan with you will make such a difference. Your goals and dreams become their goals and dreams.

Reason 3 – SOP’s

OBM’s and SOP’s go together like peanut butter and nutella or ice cream and apple pie. It’s just a match made in heaven. And you NEED SOP’s – find out why they are a game changer for your business HERE.

Reason 4 – Systems & Automations

Can you say obsessed? OBM’s think in systems and automations so your business will be running more efficiently and smoothly than ever before.

Reason 5- Accountability

An OBM will keep you on track and hold you accountable so that you hit those goals you want to hit.

Reason 6 – Team Management

Your OBM will take over managing your team and making sure everyone is doing their part to get you to your goal.

Reason 7 – Manages Metrics

Metrics – everyone loves to hate data…except OBM’s (and Special Ed Teachers – iykyk 👩‍🏫 ) who actually do love the data. Your OBM will monitor your website traffic and analytics to keep you on track.

Bonus Reason –

An OBM will give you the space to live in your zone of genius. More time to do the part of this business that lights your heart up. More time to create content that changes lives.

reason you need an obm

An OBM gives you the gift of being able to step back into your light.

I’d love to know where you are at in your business. Tell me in the comments – do you currently have a team? Is it time to hire a VA or an OBM? Let me know! ⬇️

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