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The Secret To Growing Your Own Indoor Jungle

…even if you don’t have a green thumb (yet)


your home filled with lush, green, thriving plants

no more death by overwatering, gnats in your coffee, and hesitation to buy a dream wish list plant.

Time to stop treating all plants the same. 

every plant is different – they have unique watering, soil and light needs. which is why a ‘Friday is my watering day’ plan doesn’t work.

Not every plant will work in your home.

this is a tough pill to swallow but the bottom line is that there will be some plants that just won’t thrive in your current home environment. 

Missing early problem signs. 

Overwatering, pests, root rot  – are not death sentences if you know the signs and how to fix the situation before it’s too late.

level up your plant knowledge

and watch your confidence grow

Hey! I’m Becky

your new plant bestie

〰️ plant mom to over 50 plants 

〰️ favorite plant: my OG monstera 

〰️ newest plant: silver leaf pothos

〰️ most dramatic plant: calathea [iykyk]

〰️ wish list plant: philodendron birkin 

〰️ the plant that inspired this all: fiddle leaf fig [read her dramatic story below]

get ready for this

The Secret to Growing Your Own Indoor Jungle

...even if you don't have a green thumb (yet)


are you ready to – 

Let's dig into the course

chapter one

House Plant 101 

Diving into ALL the basics leaving you confident in your plant parenting skills – like maybe you will finally buy that unicorn plant you’ve been dreaming of but worried you would kill – confident. 

chapter two

Growing Beyond

Breaking down all the things you need to know when you are starting to grow your collection and finally getting those rare unicorn plants. 

chapter three

The Dirty Truth

Time to get down and dirty – welcome to the dark side of plant parenthood.

chapter four

Making Plant Babies

Let’s make some babies. This chapter is perfect for you if you need to pump the breaks on your plant spending.

chapter five

All the Plant Secrets

I’m spilling the dirt …everything I’ve learned the hard way. I’m sharing it all. 


“I confidently bought my dream plant & she is thriving”


“I’ve learned so much from Becky and my plants are happier than ever.”


but that’s not all
You’ll also get access to these bonuses:

Top 10 Must Have Tools 


〰️  my fav must have tools for plant parents 

My Chunky Soil Recipe


〰️ my recipe for the perfect all around soil 

Plant Tracker


〰️ feel in control of what your plants need  

Alocasia – Zz Plant Dictionary


〰️ plant care guide for 50 of the most popular houseplants – everything you need to know 

“It’s been fun to feel confident in growing my plant collection. My plants are so happy since I took this course. I’ve been able to put them in spots where they thrive and love seeing constant new growth.”


What’s Included:

Total Value: $1853

Regular Price: $697

Today’s Price: $297

“I propagated my spider plant and was able to give it to my favorite sister!”


“Because of Becky, I don’t have dead plants lined up on my porch anymore”


I want you to meet the fiddle that changed everything.

my unicorn plant

A tall, majestic fiddle leaf fig. 

The kind of plant that you dream about for years. 

She was all I ever wanted. 

And for my 40th birthday – I brought her home. 

I loved her. 

And my love – 

it killed her. 

but let's back it up a sec...

I took amazing care of her

✔️ I read about the light she needed (even using a compass to make sure she was positioned in front of the correct facing window) 

✔️ I studied her watering needs. 

✔️ I talked to her (which I know is not scientifically proven to promote plant growth, but what can I say – my plants are my friends)

I loved her.

So - I was shocked when she starting acting out.


like – the most dramatic tantrum I have ever seen in my plant parenthood. 

so what went wrong?

I killed her with my love

Turns out that fiddles don’t like to be moved. 

And in an attempt to ‘save’ her from the many guests we had that summer, I moved her frequently. Which caused her an incredible amount of stress. 

And she dropped all her leaves. 




in the most dramatic fashion.

which is why I created this course

I’ve packed everything I know about being a pro plant parent into this course. 

My fiddle died so yours won’t have to. 

What’s Included:

Total Value: $1853

Regular Price: $697

Today’s Price: $297

money back guarantee

If you aren’t happy – I’m not happy.

No fiddle leaf dramatics necessary. Just email me – tell me why this isn’t a good fit [so I can learn & grow] – and I will refund you in full. 

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