Why This Is The Perfect Time to Do A Systems Assessment…And Why You Don’t Want To Wait.

Before we dive into all things related to a Systems Assessment – and why you need one…

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you just KNOW that something is falling through the cracks in your business – but there are so many moving pieces that you just aren’t sure what you missed?

Or when you can’t remember if you delegated that task to your team or not so you find yourself following up on ALL the tasks to make sure they are done?

Maybe you know you delegated it to your team but it wasn’t completed to brand standards so you are disappointed and spending time re-doing their work?

Or you are just tired of operating in reactive mode.

And you just can’t shake that overwhelmed feeling you are getting as your business is growing but yet you are still piecing things together on a whim.

You KNOW there has to be an easier way.

And guess what?


When you start to feel these growing pains – that’s the time to step in and make sure you are building on a strong foundation.

Now is the time to –

  • make sure everything is automated
  • you have systems in place to support your growth
  • your team knows what to do and how to do it (without your hand-holding)
let's talk system assessments

So what is a System Assessment?

A System Assessment is a deep dive into your business that you do with a Certified Online Business Manager. We look at all your systems, operations, automations, and processes and decide what –

  • is working great the way it is (YAY You!)
  • needs some slight improvements but isn’t an urgent fix
  • needs improvement and is more urgent to support your immediate goals
  • is totally missing from your business

Your Certified OBM then takes all the information from the Systems Assessment and creates a plan – that you can implement on your own with your team (if you don’t have an OBM on retainer already) or with the help of an OBM you hire for this project.

Time for some harsh truth…

It might not be the easiest to come face to face with the reality of how your business is set up.

But you can’t fix what you aren’t aware of.

It’s important to go into your Systems Assessment with the mindset of growth and longevity rather than doubt and shame. And doing this with a Certified OBM – gives you the support you need to navigate and implement the plan.

Let’s break it down even further –

The Systems Assessment is extensive and really digs into all areas of your business. Because – you can’t skip an area and expect to build on a solid foundation, right? So this assessment covers it all.

Here are a few items that are covered on the assessment (remember – the assessment is extensive so this is just a few that I picked from the list)

  • Back Up Procedures (computer files, website, storage, security, etc.)
  • Money Management (money in, money out, taxes, financial planning, etc.)
  • Team Management (organizational charts, onboarding, offboarding, schedules, contracts, etc.)
  • Project Management (planning, processes, files, communication, etc.)
  • SOP (templates, creation, updating process, table of contents, storage, etc.)
  • Marketing (content creation process, funnels, distribution, launches, etc.)
  • Sales (offers, pricing, follow up, invoicing, etc.)
  • And the list goes on…..

You can see that the Systems Assessment covers it all.

No stone unturned.

In order to make sure you are building on a solid foundation – you need to really look at what you have in place and what you don’t.

why you need a system assessment

So how do I know if I need a Systems Assessment?

If you are growing and scaling – then it’s time for a deep dive into your systems to make sure that the foundation you are building on – is solid.

You don’t have the time to be building the business of your dreams on a shaky foundation.

Because you work too hard.

Your dreams are too big.

And you have people to serve.

In order to get from where you are to where you want to be – you know you need to ensure your systems are set up to support your growth.

And a Systems Assessment will do just that for you.

So what do you think? Are you feeling those growing pains? Are you worried about the foundation of your business?

Comment below – I’d love to hear where you are at in your business. Hit me up – let’s chat.

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