The SOPs You Need

You know how important SOPs are to sustain your business as it grows. You know you need them – but it can feel a little overwhelming when you are managing a team, creating content, juggling all the things that come with being a business owner.

So let’s get right down to it, and talk about…

  • what areas you should be focusing on for SOP creation
  • how to know where to start
  • and tips to streamline and simplify this process

But before we dive in – let’s recap why you NEED SOPs

why you need SOPs
  • SOPs create consistency across your team and brand
  • makes onboarding a breeze
  • sets clear expectations for procedures and processes in your business
  • cuts down on team error and increases the consistency of quality work

Think about it this way — if your team is doing amazing but they are all operating from info they store in their head, and then one of them gets sick OR worse leaves your team…you lose all that info, all their procedures, all of it. It’s essential to get all that info about your business out of your team member’s (and your) head.

6 Steps to SOP Creation

6 steps to SOP creation

First – Make Your SOP Creation List

Areas You Need SOPs for:

  • Admin [company information, back up procedures, password management]
  • Finances [money coming in, money going out, money management, taxes and financial planning]
  • Team Management – [team structure, hiring, general team management, team meetings, onboarding and offboarding team members]
  • Communication [planning, project management, online presence, internal and external communications, customer service, SOP management and process creation]
  • Marketing [management, platforms, tech, launches]
  • Sales [services, pricing, methods of purchase, qualifying leads, follow up, client agreements, invoicing]
  • Delivery Systems [how are products/services delivered, onboarding, maintaining customers, testimonials]

Start with one area of your business [admin, finances etc]. And then run through the categories within that area and decide where you really need to focus.

Like this –

Team Management — General Team Management — SOP for Time Tracking

OR this –

Communication — Customer Service — SOP for replying to Customer Service requests

Tip – sometimes it helps to just brain dump everything down as you run through the categories above and then go back and prioritize the list.

Second – Prioritize Your SOP List

Decide what areas are the most important and start there. Remember – some areas listed above might not apply to your business and that’s fine.

Third – Make a SOP Template

This will streamline your SOP creation process.

Four – Start Creating Your SOPs

Start at the top of your priority list. Be SUPER specific when outlining the steps of the process. Think – if someone who has never been inside my business and never done this task, would they be able to complete this from start to finish at the level I expect for my brand?

Tip – add videos and images into your SOP to help explain the steps in greater detail and with more clarity.

Five – Organize Your SOPs

Six – Celebrate

The end result of creating SOPs for your business …

– organization


-relief knowing you are building your business on a strong foundation

And if you need help…

Let’s connect and see if a Systems Assessment is right for you.

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