The Team Management & Communications SOPs You Need

Today, we are back with part 2 of the SOPs You Need – diving into Team Management and Communication SOPs.

Before we dive in, if you missed Part 1 – Admin and Finance – check it out << here >>. Or if you just need a general refresher about why SOPs are important – check this out.

Here we go -let’s dive into all things relating to your team.

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Team Management SOPs

This batch of SOPs are going to grow and shift as your business grows and you start building a bigger and bigger team.

Having SOPs in place in your business as a whole makes growing your team SIGNIFICANTLY easier.

And having procedures for managing your team – when everyone knows what is expected of them and how your business functions internally – that’s a sweet place to be.

Team Management SOPs can be grouped into 5 categories: Team Structure, Hiring, Team Management, Team Meetings, and Off- boarding.

Team structure includes documenting things like:

  • Your companies organizational chart
  • Team contact information
  • Roles and responsibilities

Hiring includes documenting areas like:

  • Process for creating a job post
  • Hiring processes [things like interview questions]
  • Onboarding processes / training
  • Team manual
  • Agreements and contracts

Team Management covers areas such as:

  • Ownership and expectations
  • Tracking team performance and giving feedback to your team
  • Process for review meetings
  • Process for time off [vacation and illness]
  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Schedules / work time expectations [don’t forget to include time expectations around launches and live events]

Team Meetings include documenting areas like:

  • Protocol for team meetings
  • Meeting templates for monthly, quarterly and annual executive meetings

Off-boarding areas to document include:

  • General process
  • Exit interviews
  • Data Security

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Communication SOPs

This area of your business is crucial to your success.

-> How you communicate with your team sets the tone for how well your time is managed and the overall flow of your business.

AND- how you communicate with your customers – that’s a HUGE deal. To begin with, building brand loyalty all circles back to how you interact with your people. Creating SOPs that detail all areas of communication in your business ensures consistent and professional communication with each other and your customers.

Communication SOPs can be grouped int 7 categories: Planning, Project Management, Online Presence, Internal/External communications, Customer Service, Calendars & Scheduling, and Managing SOPs.

Planning includes documentation such as:

  • Agenda for annual and quarterly planning meetings
  • Template for annual and quarterly plans

Project Management includes areas like:

  • How to use your project management system
  • File structure – naming conventions, where files live, how things should be saved

Online Presence covers areas like:

  • Website management checklist
  • Maintaining site back ups
  • Hosting / domain / SSL renewal

Internal / External Communications includes documenting things like:

  • Expectations for internal team communications
  • How the public / prospects contact your business
  • How can clients / customers contact your business
  • Swipe files / templates for quick communications

Customer Service includes areas such as:

  • Where do CS requests go
  • Who is responsible for CS requests
  • What is the standard for how quickly you respond
  • Template for replies [greetings, email signature]
  • List of templated responses for common questions

Calendars & Scheduling includes:

  • Booking client appointments
  • Booking team appointments
  • Promotional calendar management
  • Content calendar
  • Event calendar

Managing SOPs refers to areas such as:

  • Table of contents for SOPs
  • SOP Template
  • Process for creating SOPs
  • Process for updating SoPs

Next week, we will be diving into Part 3 – SOPs You Need in Marketing, Sales and Delivery.

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