Top 5 Reasons You Need a System Assessment

Knowledge is power. Which is why doing a System Assessment of your business is crucial – you need to make sure the foundation of your business is solid to support your growth.

Ok – but what is a System Assessment? How do I know if I need one? And – I’m already SO busy, is this really that important?

system assessment

Let’s start at the beginning – a System Assessment is…

  • a deep dive into your business that looks at EVERYTHING [think systems, operations, automations, processes]
  • a way to see what is working great, what needs slight improvement but isn’t urgent, what needs improvement and IS urgent, and pieces that are totally missing in your business
  • a clear picture of the foundation of your business in order to create a plan of action

Warning – a System Assessment needs to be approached with a growth mindset. You can’t fix problems that you don’t know exist. And the truth is, you might be blind to some of the holes in your business, because on the surface things are running mostly okay, but once you really start to dig in, you may find some things that aren’t easy to acknowledge – especially if those areas are related to money or clients falling through the cracks.

But – there is power in knowing where those cracks are, and that’s the goal of a System Assessment – to shed light in all the corners of your business to find those cracks so you can fix them and continue to build on an even stronger foundation.

You are ready for a System Assessment if –

  • your business is growing and scaling
  • you have a team
  • your business is profitable

Even if you are just starting out – it’s never too early to take a broad look at where you are currently in your business, what systems, automations, processes you have in place and what you need in order to build.

top 5 reasons you need a system assessment

Top 5 Reasons You Need a System Assessment

1. Move from reactive mode to proactive mode

A System Assessment moves you from reactive to proactive. It shows you everything as it currently is in your business – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and creates a plan for you to update, fix, and/or create systems in your business that need a little love [ or a lot of love ]. Don’t stress – the OBM that completes your System Assessment can also implement the plan OR you can do that on your own with your team.

2. Automation is a game changer

A Systems Assessment will look at your automations to make sure everything is functioning the way it should and that clients [ or money ] aren’t falling through the cracks. Your System Assessment OBM will dig deep into your processes, streamline things as needed, identify areas that could be simplified or updated. The goal is to ensure that operations in your business are running FOR you, not creating more issues, working ineffectively or require constant management.

3. SOPs support growth

A HUGE part of a System Assessment is ensuring SOPs exist [and are accurate] across all areas of your business:

  • Back up procedures
  • Money management
  • Team management
  • Project management
  • SOPs
  • Marketing
  • Sales

SOPs are crucial for a successful business and an integral part of a System Assessment.

4. Strengthening your team

Your team is so important – they are your work family. You rely on them to keep your business operating to your standards. You picked each person on your team and have so much faith in their ability to surpass the expectations you have of them.

BUT – sometimes things fall through the cracks, or someone gets sick and can’t get their work done, or decides to leave for a different opportunity. A System Assessment strengthens your team by creating SOPs that support your business – no matter who is completing the task. SOPs create an environment of confident and efficient workers. And, SOPs make onboarding new team members so easy.

5. You have BIG DREAMS

You dream big. You work hard. You have invested time, money, and most likely – some blood, sweat, and tears – to create your business. It’s more than ‘just a business’, it’s your passion. Your livelihood. Your legacy.

So it’s time to make sure that it’s secure. That it has longevity. That it can sustain and thrive as you grow.

It’s just too important.

If it’s time for you to take the step and have a System Assessment done on your business or you just want to chat more about it – let’s connect.

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