Top Three Reasons You Should Use Honeybook For Your Business

Let’s talk about my Honeybook obsession – why I love it and why I KNOW you will too.

What is Honeybook?

In case you aren’t sure what I’m talking about –

Honeybook is an all -in-one client management software that helps you streamline your business so you can simplify your onboarding, book clients with ease and get paid quicker. It provides a platform for you to track your clients from inquiry to invoice so no one falls through the cracks – which means no leaving money on the table. #winwin

So often when we start our business, our reality is that we are creating systems as we grow. This can lead to feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when your systems are failing – that moment when you realize you are missing incoming leads or follow ups are falling through the cracks – it’s horrible – but it happens. When you upgrade to an all-in-one CRM-like Honeybook, you will be booking more clients because you won’t miss a single lead, increasing your revenue and saving time every week. I can help you set up or refresh your current CRM – book a free audit and we can dive into specifics for your CRM and your business.

Honeybook replaces your

  • calendly, acuity, or whatever 3rd party calendar software you are using
  • typeforms and google forms
  • docusign, hellosign or whatever signature based software you are using
  • freshbooks and other invoicing/accounting software

Honeybook provides you with a platform that

  • tracks and manages leads and customers through a pipeline
  • customizes brochures, proposals, contracts and invoices
  • automates workflows to streamline and simplify the process
  • utilizes templated emails, brochures, proposals, payment plans, contracts and questionnaires.

We know the customer experience is everything.

And being able to streamline the process for THEM and US – that’s where the magic is.

In Honeybook, every client has a workspace where everything in their project lives – all correspondence, all files, invoices, contracts – EVERYTHING all stored in one place for easy access for them AND you.

And – it’s all customizable.

It’s just so good.

Who is Honeybook for?

The good news is Honeybook is for almost everyone. Creative entrepreneurs, small businesses – if you provide a service or product, Honeybook can help you streamline your customer experience.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your business is growing and you are starting to realize that it’s time to evaluate your client onboarding and overall client experience.
  • You feel frustrated trying to keep up with everything – especially when your systems and processes are scattered across different platforms.
  • You KNOW there has to be an easier way to handle it all – the scheduling, the emails, the contracts and invoices, the follow ups…

And there is – Honeybook can streamline all of this for you and bring you back to feeling calm and secure knowing that you have one system in place that will support your growth.

Getting Started on Honeybook

Honeybook is simple to use.

It can be time-intensive to set up but once you have your workflow mapped out [which is really worth your time to map out] and you create all your branded templates – it’s smooth sailing from there.

top 3 reasons you should use honeybook for your business

Streamline Onboarding

This is where Honeybook is GOLD – it tracks everyone from inquiry all the way through their customer journey.

As soon as your potential client fills out a contact form, they are entered into Honeybook and their journey begins. Honeybook automatically creates a workspace for them [where every single communication, contract, invoice, questionnaire lives]. They become part of your pipeline and follow the journey you customized for them.

No more losing leads.

No more digging in your inbox for emails.

No more stress.


Save Hours Every Week

Honeybook really does give you the gift of time.

You spend less time [ or really – none at all ]

  • stressing about where a client is in their journey
  • worrying if they read your email [once they view anything in their workspace – it’s marked so you know]
  • thinking about next steps
  • drafting emails
  • trying to find anything client related [hello instant client organization!]

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your people are being taken care of and that your business has a solid system in place – you really can’t top that.

Boost Revenue

Honeybook allows you to account for every inquiry and provide a customized and professional client experience – no more missing potential clients or delayed responses to inquires. Automating that process is key to ensuring every lead gets the attention you want to show them. And more leads = more sales.

Honeybook also has payment automation – no more forgetting to send invoices.

Now you can just get paid.

top 3 reasons you should use honeybook for your business

Why I Love Honeybook

Honeybook has legit been a game changer for my business and my client’s businesses. Being able to streamline your customer experience, simplify the process through customized templates and having a customer workspace – it’s EVERYTHING.

It gives me such joy to have such a huge and important part of my business so organized. Which is what led me to offer VIP days for Honeybook set up. Check it out << HERE >> or schedule your free consult call about your VIP day << HERE >>

Moving your business over to a new platform can be overwhelming. But that’s why I offer my support in making the process as painless and streamlined as possible. Saving you time and the headache of having to figure it all out.

The customer journey is everything – and Honeybook can help you create a streamlined and customized experience that your customers remember. And that’s kind of the point – right?

One more thing – if you are going to take the jump [yay you!] and want to save 20% of your Honeybook – use this code:

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